Popular Buddhist Tourist Destinations in India

India has always been known as a land where people of different religions have and are lived together in harmony and peace. Principally a Hindu country, the culture of India has been influenced by various other religions including Buddhism, where it all began. Buddhism is amongst the major religions in India and a lot of… Read More »

Famous Tourist Attractions of Assam

Located in south of the eastern Himalayas, the north-eastern state of Assam is amongst the most charming states in India. Being blessed with abundance of nature, this state is a nature lover’s paradise. The state is soaked with the water of the raging River Brahmaputra that flourishes the green beauty of the tea gardens. The… Read More »

Explore Dharamshala- A Gem of Himachal Pradesh

Superbly cuddled amidst verdant greenery, gushing waterfalls and snow-capped mountain peaks, Dharamshala (also Dharamsala) is referred to as one of the most popular hill stations of India. Truly a gem of Himachal Pradesh, this hill resort is located in the foothills of the Dhauladhar ranges and thus, offers enchanting views of the steep valleys, deodar… Read More »

Things to Remember for Women Flying Alone

  In today’s world, the modern woman is independent and able enough to travel anywhere alone. However, travelling alone can be an enjoyable experience or a big mess for the same woman if she is not well aware of the important things she must take care of. Whatever the reason, be business or personal, a… Read More »

Air Travelling Tips for Differently-abled Travelers

In today’s world, travelling by air is rapidly becoming a trend, rather a necessity for all kinds of travelers. Traveling through air not only saves time for people, but also offer an ease for all kinds of travelers. Here, we are talking about differently-abled travelers. Differently-abled is simply an alternative term used for disabled or… Read More »

Popular Places to Visit in Rishikesh

Endowed with alluring natural beauty, soaring hills and holy dips in gushing river Ganges, and ringing bells, Rishikesh a famous tourist as well as a pilgrimage destination. Rishikesh is located on along the banks of the holy Ganges (River Ganga). This place is referred to as the Gateway to the Char Dhams of Uttarakhand (the… Read More »

Best Diving Sites in Sharm El Sheikh

The vast abundance of spectacular diving sites in Sharm El Sheikh has led to a rise in popularity of Egypt holidays. Groups, couples and families alike are all signing up to Egypt holidays to explore the natural beauty and wildlife that the Red Sea has to offer. With over 30 diving sites, Sharm El Sheikh… Read More »

Top 5 Tourist Places To Visit In Karnataka

· Karnataka has become one of the main famous tourist destinations in south India. This is a land of astonishing natural beauty, rich national heritage and an amazing modern culture. The most well-known visited sites in Karnataka include hill stations, spectacular waterfalls, magnificent temples, beautiful gardens, historical monuments, just to mention but a few. Karnataka… Read More »

Top Free London Art Galleries

There is no shortage of art galleries and displays in London. If you’re an art aficionado, you simple have to visit London. There is a spectacular range meaning there’s something to interest everyone. Art galleries are also a great way to get out of the rain should the weather take a turn for the worst!… Read More »