A Few Places You Must See During Package Holidays to Australia


If there is one country in the world that can offer you everything you could ever want from a holiday all in one place, it’s Australia. The destination is popular and famous for its stunning beaches, water sports, beautiful scenery, and wildlife. There are abundant places to visit so you can find everything you could ever want to see in one trip from rocky scenes to beautiful white sandy beaches. If you are planning your next holiday or are planning on travelling in the near future, then don’t miss out on these must-see destinations.


#1: Kangaroo Island: This is a must-see treasure when visiting Australia. The island can be accessed by either ferry or flying. It is a fascinating place to visit and is the third largest island off in Australia. There is so much to see that you should try to plan a three-day visit at least to pack in as much as you possibly can. The human population is very minute at less than five thousand people in the 2006 Census. The island holds many natural secrets with stunning beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, and conservation parks. You can explore the island as part of your itinerary on package holidays to Australia and observe kangaroos, koalas, penguins, marsupials, sea lions, and so much more.


#2: Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park: The national park is famous for wildlife and the vast red sandy plain. The incredible thirty six rock domes, dunes, sand plains make this a must-see place when you visit Australia. The experience is amazing with plenty of native wildlife around to spot whilst you explore the vast and outstanding sands. You can expect to see mammals from the dingo to the red kangaroo, hopping mouse, echidna, marsupials, and many different species of bats including the Australian false vampire. There are also a whopping one hundred and fifty recorded species of birds in the park.

#3: Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve: Another must-see during package holidays to Australia. There are many stories about this destination that make it spiritually significant. The destination itself comprises of many huge round boulders of red granite rock. The boulders originated from volcanoes eroding into the formations they can be seen in today. Some reach a staggering diameter of seven meters. Devils Marbles has plenty of wildlife to see; some of which are quite unusual. You can see the sand goanna, zebra, and finches can be seen amongst others. The scenery and the experience are incredible.

Australia is a truly magnificent county that can boast everything from the most unusual and incredible wildlife to the most photographic and memorable scenery that you might ever see. If you are planning a package holiday, then bear in mind how much there is to see ensuring you visit the most wonderful place, and all the places you really want to see, during your visit. Make the absolute most of your experience and book with a reputable provider that specialises in trips, holidays, and travelling in Australia so you can see the full extent of the incredible wonders that the country has to offer.

Australia is an amazing country to visit, so if you are looking for package holidays to Australia, make sure you include the most wonderful and must-see places on your itinerary whilst you are there.