A guide to the beautiful gardens of Marrakech

A bustling city of souks and markets scattered around narrow streets that can be easy to get lost in, Marrakech also has some natural beauty. Marrakech is an oasis city located in the north of Africa and while the temperatures can be awfully hot during the summer months, but somehow the city gardens continue to flourish. Furthermore, they offer a cool and tranquil retreat from the dust and chaos of the city around them. From lush courtyards of its raids to the expansive formal gardens of the palaces and museums, these green spaces are incredibly important to the city.

Agdal Gardens

The Agdal Garden is the most important garden in Marrakech. The garden is enormous and is roughly two miles long and a mile wide and its thought to be about 800 years old. Inside, you will find numerous plants and trees such as olive, lemon, orange and apricot trees which offer great shelter from the unrelenting sun.

Sadly, only a small part of the garden is opened to the public twice a week, generally Fridays and Sundays, and you will see plenty of locals arriving on these days to relax, bringing picnics with them. There is also an ancient water basin in the garden with some enormous carp that visitors feed for good luck and the gardens also offer great views of the Atlas Mountains in the distance.

Marjorelle Gardens

Much smaller than the Agdal Gardens are the Marjorelle Gardens which were named after its curator, the French painter Jacques Marjorelle. Later the gardens passed into the hands of the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent who lovingly restored them to their former beauty. The garden now is a kaleidoscope of tropical colours with the walkways painted pink surrounded by flower pots painted yellow and turquoise, while there are also numerous pools around filled with lily pads and orange ornamental carp.

Cyber Parc

The most modern addition to the city gardens, Cyber Parc is situated just outside of the medina walls. Ancient palm trees and citrus trees give plenty of shade to those who visit the garden, and is popular with young couples who take advantage of how lovely it is just to stroll through. To find the best prices on flights to Marrakech then check online where you will find a host of great deals that will save you money on your holiday.

Bahia Palace

You can find lots of other small gardens in the grounds of the old palaces that are now museums. The Bahia palace has a wall garden that is very much similar to an oasis. Previously the garden was used by the Grand Vizieras wives and mistresses while nowadays its perfect for relaxing within the confines of the museum grounds.

The paths are laid out in a symmetrical fashion but the same cannot be said for the trees and plants. Flowers, trees and plants all intertwine giving you an intense explosion of perfumes such as rose, jasmine and orange. There is also a datura tree in the gardens which is also known as the jealous tree as it is said to drive people mad with its intoxicating pollen.