Are you a Party Freak? Places you Should Visit to Party like Nobody is Watching

Do you think your life sucks or feel like you are getting old? Then you seriously need to make yourself feel alive and make a resolution to party like crazy.  Life does not wait for anybody, so why wait for the right moment, when today you know how you can be happy,  all you have to do is simply combine two of your most loved hobbies of travel and partying with our list of Best Partying Destinations across the Globe.

Las Vegas, USA

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Las Vegas is the party heaven for the party crazy people. Enjoy dancing, gambling, drinking, then you know the right place. The freedom that one feels here, it is beyond to be explained.

Amsterdam, Netherlands









This is the place that needs no introduction if you already know about the famous Amsterdam Dance festival.  Even if you want to enjoy the drink in the bar or want to lose yourself completely partying on the EDM music, then you should head over straight to the place.

Ibiza, Spain









This place is the perfect party destination because of it being associated  with clubs filled with lots of alcohol and fashion that can put any great destination to shame.  So why to wait for the right time to come? Right now is the time to go for it.

Tel Aviv, Israel









The city has got a great clubbing culture  and a liberal mentality of the people. It also organizes the biggest gay pride Festival, which could very well explain the reason of your visit.

Goa, India










Goa is the place which is already called as the party capital and where you can party to whatever time of the day and however long.  The place represents total freedom around stunning beaches and fresh water lake.

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Crowds at the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Photo courtesy of In Sea Speedboat.

The place organizes  the best full moon party around the world where you can have fun in the rope of fire traditions and drink endlessly.

Bali, Indonesia










For people who wants to enjoy more by paying less, then Bali is the perfect destination for you.  It follows the one currency that is cheaper than India. Kuta beach is the spot where you can go dance and drink as if you don’t care about the world.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Water is sprinkled on revellers to help them cool off during an annual block party known as "Escravos da Maua", one of the many carnival parties to take place in the neighbourhoods of Rio de Janeiro February 3, 2013. (Pilar Olivares/Reuters)Rio is the destination where you could see 2 million people per day on the streets on their famous carnival.   For the ultimate dancing feel, catch the Sabadrome Parade and Rock in Rio, where one can go crazy over the underground music scene.

Pag, Croatia









Situated in Croatia, Pag is the less explored destination to where you can party till the sun comes up. It falls in the budget and has got the best pool parties.

Munich, Germany









The city acts like an absolute havoc where partying is concerned. It organizes  a well known Octoberfest where you can enjoy like crazy. Partying here is a like a real fun.

Mykonos, Greece









As India has Goa, Greece has got Mykonos, for partying like hell. The views of the place are amazingly beautiful making it look even more perfect. While you are there, Don’t forget to explore Paradise Beach.

Copenhagen, Denmark









The city of Copenhagen is home to the world known Distortion Festival, where you see never ending craziness of music, art and drinks for the whole 5 days.