Best Diving Sites in Sharm El Sheikh

The vast abundance of spectacular diving sites in Sharm El Sheikh has led to a rise in popularity of Egypt holidays. Groups, couples and families alike are all signing up to Egypt holidays to explore the natural beauty and wildlife that the Red Sea has to offer. With over 30 diving sites, Sharm El Sheikh offers something for all the family, from adventurous deep diving explorations to more shallow and sheltered calm waters. You’ll be sure to find something to make your diving holiday one to remember.

Explore Nature

Ras Mohammed National Park is often rated among the top ten diving sites in the world, due to it’s abundance of natural coral reef and diverse fish. In the summer months, you can spot skipper, tuna, barracuda and bat fish, as well as the large shark which prey on them. This is a great location for diving trips with the kids, because the area is so vast and varied that you will find spots suitable for a diver of any experience level.Displaying SS Thistlegorm.jpg

The Straits of Tiran are another diving spot known for its outstanding natural beauty. The four coral reefs, named after 19th century British cartographers who initially surveyed the area, are all different in what they can offer the diving enthusiast. The Thomas Reef features a deep canyon popular with more adventurous divers, while the Jackson Reef is a popular spot for vibrant photos featuring bright and beautiful coral reef. To experience this great dive location, click Directline Holidays where you can browse cheap deals to Egypt.

Sunken Ship

Two of the most famous diving wreckages in the world are located close to Sharm El Sheikh. The most highly regarded is the SS Thistlegorm, which sits in two pieces on the ocean floor. The ship was making it’s way to the British Army base in Alexandria to re-stock British supplies. It was fully loaded with various equipment such as ammunition and motorbikes, when it was attacked by two enemy airplanes in 1941. The explosion caused by the bombing attack resulted in the merchant ship being torn in two, and much of the cargo it was carrying can be seen by divers exploring the wreckage. Easily accessed by boat from Sharm El Sheikh, the SS Thistlegorm is on the must-see list of wreckage-enthusiasts around the globe. Another wreckage to visit while in the area is the SS Dunraven, a Victorian ship which is said to have sunk at the hands of its drunken crew.