Self-Drive Car Rentals in Georgia for Tourist Visa Holders

If you are traveling to Georgia, then you can rest assured for a super fantastic touring experience. The country is blessed with almost all kinds of landforms that offer mesmerizing beauty and surreal natural splendor. Since self-drive car rentals in Georgia are a really good value for money, booking a self-drive car is one of the best ways to explore Georgia. The following section lists all details of self-drive car rentals in Georgia for tourist visa holders.

Rental Cars in Georgia

  • There are various agencies which provide self-drive car rental services in Georgia. You can also find them online and make bookings well in advance. The self-drive car rentals in Georgia are reliable as well as affordable.
  • The self-drive car rentals in Georgia can be obtained for as much as 50 Euro per day. However, we advise not to economize with a compromise on quality.
  • As you will be driving yourself to almost every part of Georgia which is a foreign nation, it is extremely important to have a conveyance that comes with the assurance of reliable service.
  • Instead of opting for low-quality vehicles that come with various problems, such as fuel leakages, poor condition of tyres, uncomfortable seats and irritating noise while driving, you should opt for decent conveyances that fit your budget.
  • Also, it is always better to opt for the self-drive car rental, if you are traveling as a group. You don’t get bored and enjoy every road trip with full excitement.
  • These days, almost all the travel planners and online travel planning websites come with registered self-drive car rentals in Georgia. These service providers are verified and can be considered for reliable and trustworthy service.

How to Choose the Best Self-drive Rental Cars?


  • One of the best methods to choose self-drive car rentals is to look for the reviews and feedback of the previous customers. You can refer to the various reputed online travel planning websites for this purpose. They will have all the feedback from travelers and provide the most reliable information. You may also check the Self Drive Car Rental Tips to get a good idea, before renting your car.
  • Another method is to make the booking by searching for self-drive car rentals in Georgia for tourist visa holders, online. You will be able to find a wide variety of service providers and their contact information.
  • Be clear while specifying your requirements and if you are an adventure enthusiast, be careful when booking a self-drive car. If you wish to explore the great mountain passes of Georgia and enjoy a thrilling road trip, then always opt for 4X4 vehicles. These roads are very difficult to be driven upon and can be scaled by 4X4 vehicles only.
  • Georgia has been home to various empires and has a varied culture. Therefore, the land has lots of folklore and urban as well as rural myths. You may hear hundreds of ghost stories related to the highways of Georgia and people will give you a word of warning while going through the secluded mountain passes of the region. However, instead of ghosts, pay attention to the unruly drivers who are speeding and overtake.
  • The condition of the roads varies from place to place. There are mountainous roads that are full of pebbles and are really hard to drive on and modern roads around all the major cities.
  • The road to Kazbegi and Gergeti Trinity Church is very bad and requires very good driving skills. Always keep a tourist map ready.
  • Petrol is cheaper as compared to Europe and has different categories. However, all the petrol pumps don’t have the air checking equipment for the tyres.

You can also hire cars with drivers who are well-versed with the roads and tourist destinations in Georgia. If you wish to interact with the locals and enjoy Georgia, then hiring a regional driver with an understanding of your language as well, is a good decision.

In brief, it can be concluded that self-drive car rentals in Georgia for tourist visa holders are affordable, safe and reliable. Therefore, if you plan to explore Georgia on your own or with your friends, make sure you select the best Georgia travel packages from Dubai and go for it without a doubt!!