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With over a 1,000,000 apps in total on the iTunes App Store, finding the perfect app can be a struggle. A lot of us turn to free apps since they are quick to download and quick to delete, but we often find ourselves trawling through a huge number because the free apps just don’t quite meet our standards and this can be time consuming.

However, paying for an app has its advantages. By paying for an app you expect a certain level of quality since you have handed over your hard earned money. Many free apps are plagued with gimmicks, sneaky in-app purchases and advertisements. Paid apps offer a premium service, and with the right amount of research you tend to get what you paid for.

If you’re not careful though, you can find yourself buying an app only to realise 10 minutes later it’s not worth the investment.

Today’s article will help to alleviate these worries, and provide you some truly great must have apps for travelling.image00

  1. 1. FlightTrack 5 – $2.99

FlightTrack has seen a number of versions and updates, and the latest one “FlightTrack 5” provides you with the best service to date.

Rebuilt with a new design, the savvy traveller can search for flights by number, create trips with multiple flights and travellers and view the progression of an entire trip all within a single workflow. Tracking flights has never been so easy.

Upon the unexpected and unwanted cancellation of your flight, FlightTrack will help you find alternate flights to get you right back on course in an instant.

Navigating a busy terminal can be stressful. With FlightTrack you can view terminal maps which will help you to your desired location, perfect when time is not on your side.

With 3,000 airports and 1,400 airlines worldwide covered by this app, you’ll be hard done by if you cannot find your flight.

2. TripIt – £0.69 / $49 (per year for TripIt Pro)image01

If you are looking for a little more than a flight planner like FlightTrack, then TripIt is for you. For an avid traveller, this app will make sure your itinerary is up-to-date so you don’t miss a thing.

Compiling all your travel plans is extremely easy with TripIt. Just forward all your travel confirmation emails to and they will automatically create a detailed and fresh looking itinerary for your trip. If you are a Gmail user then this happens automatically which is a nice bonus.

Not only will you have a nice handy itinerary, you can also get directions, maps and weather forecast for each of your destination.

TripIt offers a Pro version of the app that is targeted to those who travel a lot. With features such as real-time flight alerts, seat tracking, flight finder and refund notifications you’ll find it hard to ever get lost using the app.

However the Pro version of the app is a little expensive at $49 per annum and FlightTrack, as mentioned before may be a cheaper and equally useful alternative.

image023. Spotify Premium – £9.99 per month

There’s nothing better than kicking back and listening to some great music as you embark on a 10 hour flight.

After sampling various music apps, Spotify is head and shoulders above the rest. Spotify Free is great for when you are at home. Having access to millions of songs from your desktop or laptop seems almost too good to be true. However, it’s when you indulge yourself into the premium version of the app that you really understand just how great this app is.

Spotify premium allows you to download your playlists and let you listen to them offline whenever and wherever you are.

Now you can listen to as much music as you like, without eating up all your monthly internet data.

4. Vocre Translate – £2.99image03

The Vocre Translate app is a smart and simple way to remove language barriers have converse easily with people. In today’s busy world we are more connected than ever. Jet setting around the world is a common occurrence for many and language still divides us. Vocre Translate aims to push away the language barrier and allow us to communicate, no matter what language we speak.

There are two ways to use Vocre Translate. Either as a hand-held voice activated app, or as a text reading table-top version. Either way, you will be connecting with new people in no time!

 5. LocalEats – £0.65

image04LocalEats is a fantastic app that helps you find the very best restaurants within the U.S.

The editors of LocalEats have hand-picked the restaurants featured based on ratings from respected magazines, newspapers, dining sites, bloggers and of course their own dining experiences.

They have made a conscious effort not to just list every restaurant within a certain area, and for good reason. A simple good search will find you all the restaurants within an area, but LocalEats shows you just the very best.

So go on, indulge yourself in the best of what American dining has to offer.

Paying just that little bit for an app can provide a huge amount of benefits. With so many apps on the market, finding an app worth the money can be expensive and time consuming.

Let us know your thoughts on these apps, and also let us know if you have tried similar apps to these.

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