Don’t Leave Amsterdam without Visiting These Attractions

Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands, which is famous for its artistic heritage, complex canal system and fine houses with gabled facades. On your visit to this glorious city, you can enjoy the legacies of the 17th-century Golden Age of Amsterdam. It is one of the best small cities in the world enjoying rich architectural and historical heritage. Offering wide canals, richly endowed museums and historical sites, the city turns into one of the most romantic and gorgeous cities in Europe. It is a place where you can enjoy a memorable holiday. Amsterdam is said to be a land of forbearance and multiplicity. On being here, one can take all the advantages of a big city, including rich culture, exotic nightlife, international chains of restaurants and much more. However, it is still calm and has lesser traffic due to its extensive canals. Amsterdam is a place where you can visit a wide range of recreational and cultural sites. Get information about some of the tourist attractions of the city through this article.

Oude Kerk


Situated at the heart of Red Light District, this is an old big monumental church that was originally built as a Catholic place of worship. With little houses clinging to its sides, the building of this church is a calm heaven and enjoys uniqueness by articulating the national spirit of Dutch Protestantism. Its outstanding architecture boasts of high windows radiating plenty of light, superbly sculpted misericords in the choir, and striking old granite gravestones on the floor. You can visualize its unique history ubiquitous in the building. Oude Kerk beautifully symbolizes the traditions and present time of Amsterdam.



The Begijnhof is basically an encircled courtyard dating back to the beginning 14th century. Far from the traffic noise of Amsterdam, it is the only place that survived out of the most primitive dwellings. It is an incredible oasis of harmony, with small houses and charming gardens around a well-kept courtyard. Originally, Begijnhof was built as an abode of the Begijntjes, a Catholic sisterhood who spent their life like nuns without taking any monastic wows.



It is a must visit attraction in Amsterdam designed by PJH Cuypers. The museum was opened in 1885. With greatest collection of art and artifacts, the museum features 40 Rembrandts and 4 Vermeer. The museum also displays Dutch paintings collected from the 15th century until 1900 along with several attractive Asian arts. Have a visit to this museum, you will feel truly delighted.

Van Gogh Museum


One of the most sees of Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum is a place where creativity and productivity of Vincent van Gogh is beautifully displayed. The museum displays 200 paintings and 500 drawings as part of its permanent exhibition.

Anne Frank House


Situated on the Prinsengracht canal in Amsterdam, it is an informative museum that is dedicated to Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank. The new wing of the museum acts as an exhibition space to display racism, neo-Fascism and anti-Semitism of the Jews and their harassment during the war.



Dating back to the year 1488, Waag was formerly a city gate and part of the walls of Amsterdam. Earlier, it looked like a castle having a moat-like canal in front and built into the old city walls. The significant building has also been served as a fire station, guildhall, museum, and anatomical theatre.

Dam Square


Dam Square is basically a town square in Amsterdam. The tourist attraction is known for its noteworthy buildings and regular events that make it one of the most popular and prime locations of the city. It is generally rectangular in shape and stretches around 200 meters from west to east and around 100 meters from north to south.

National Maritime Museum


This is a maritime museum in Amsterdam, which is housed in a former naval storehouse. The building of this museum was designed by the Dutch architect Daniël Stalpaert. Constructed in 1656, the museum shifted to this building in 1973. The museum is dedicated to marine history and features a lot of artifacts linked with shipping and sailing. Collections of this museum display items like paintings, scale models, weaponries and world maps.

There are a lot more things to explore in Amsterdam. You can visit these attractions during your trip this beautiful city. To get the best travel deals for visiting Amsterdam, explore and enjoy exciting offers on flights, hotels and holiday packages.