Dubai – An Epitome of engineering genius and party cities!

Few of the mega-cities stay awake at night and one of them is Dubai. In Dubai, sparkling night appeals more than the sizzling day. This means that even if you missed out the day fun you still have a lot to enjoy. The towering hotels and beach clubs allures to experience the thrill of ever growing buzz and fun that Dubai is famous for.

 Spine chilling Clubbing Atmosphere!

Dubai offers a range of night clubs with welcome mixture of soothing and thrilling experience. You may like to be in the calmness of a lounge by the sea or to be at a club that makes you feel you are partying in New York. Night clubs are opened over the place in Dubai with largest concentration of beach hotels on Sheikh Zayed Road. Some of the night clubs are famous all over the continent. The age seems a barrier for many of the night clubs which are strict on this particular issue. People who are over 25 are allowed to enter the clubs. Another thing you should keep in mind if you are going for a night club is to avoid Mondays because most of them are not active and some of them are closed all together. The party is at its peak on Thursdays and Fridays.

There is also restriction on service of alcohol if it is in the holy month of Ramadan. Again, you must also be sure to lighten your purses and even your account balance if you want to get in any premier clubs. It is certain that there are no clubs where you can get an entrance at cheap prices. They charge extra 10% which goes to the Dubai government and not to the waiters, so extra tipping for the waiters is encouraged. The night clubs in Dubai closes by 3 a.m. If you would be by the beach, you may like to venture into the sea. But, you need not worry because there is a lot of arrangements in the sea itself which can make you go for creating the most happening night in Dubai.

Yacht Night Parties!

Boat Rental Dubai has a range of Boats and Yachts to suite your style. What would be better than partying in a yacht surrounded by the sea water where there is no limitation on time. You can party your way across the sea till morning. You can also arrange for chart music or a live band. This is the best way to have your own night club that would beat any night club in the city. You can even arrange for your own bar with no restriction on drinks and allow people of your choice with no restriction on age as well. You can sail off to admiring beautiful landscapes and partying in craziest locations. There are numerous ways you can enjoy ranging from intimate lounge, bars, cafes or outdoor clubs like the beach clubs or have your own yacht if you are into adventures.

Dubai night life is colourful and extremely busy and can be a lot more diverse than you think. You just have to pick your spot and be at the right place at the right time. Due to the sizzling temperatures it is favourable for people to come out at night which makes a perfect sense also. So, if you are so interested in enjoying the Dubai night life then you must have known what the next step is.