Enjoy Camping At Some of the Renowned Camps of India

Are you the one who loves adventurous activities? Are you the one who loves to gaze stars in the night? Are you the one who feels happier being close to the charm and tranquility of nature? If yes, then camping is just your type of thing. Leave hotels and resorts enjoy some fun time while camping. Camping in recent years have turn into a fun thing, amazing adventure, makes you encounter with the beauty of nature and gives you a lifetime experience.  With each passing year there are many things which became best from better and same is with camping, as more and more people are willing to enjoy this type of stay many luxurious and comfortable camps have come up to manage the needs of the people and to provide them the best experience. Below is the list of some renowned camps of India which you all should definitely try to satisfy the wanderlust in you.

Rishikesh Valley in Rishikesh









Rishikesh Valley camp is an amazing camp, which is known for its spiritual connection. The tents at Rishikesh Valley are styled in a hermit fashion and the setting and interior are done in a manner which will definitely make you feel good while staying. This place is although not that close to natural beauty, but will surely give you a unique experience of staying. The food served here is completely organic. You can here enjoy ayurvedic spas as well.

Nameri Eco Camp in Assam









The name suggests that this camp Nameri Eco Camp is completely eco-friendly. This camp is one of the most amazing camps in Assam because of its outstanding location and because of the experience it offers to its guests. Nameri Eco Camp is located in the district of Sonetpur houses the 3rd National Park of Assam. This camp is not just known for its spectacular and the beautiful aura, but for offering fun-filled activities to the guests. Tourists can here enjoy hiking in the nearby woods or one can have an exhilarating rafting session in the Bhoroli River. The most amazing fact about this place is that this place gives the guests a beautiful opportunity to spot 300 species of birds. It is truly a delight for photography buffs and bird lovers.

Banajara Camps & Retreat in Spiti Valley









Banjara Camps & Retreat is one of the well known and oldest famous camps in the India. These camps are situated in the scenic capital of the Spiti Valley called as Kaza. This camp is positioned in the Himachal region and the camps are placed at an elevation 3600 feet and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding. Apart from camping you can here also relish local Himachali cuisine.

Damodara Desert Camp in Jaisalmer









This desert camp gives the tourists perfect Rajasthani desert experience and is located approximately 30 km away from Jaisalmer that too on the way to the Sam sand dunes. Damodara Desert Camp is a very beautiful campsite in the middle of the shining Thar Desert. This camp offers all the luxury and provides comfortable stay to its guests and it has 10 deluxe Swiss cottages with the world class amenities which includes double bed and attached bathroom. One can here have the best time of their lives and can enjoy some quality time with the loved ones while sitting around the campfire in the night, taste the best Rajasthani food and can also enjoy the local folk music and dance.

Chhatra Sagar in Pali









Chhatra Sagar is an enticing campsite which offers all the amenities and will make you live the life like Rajputana way. Since time immemorial luxury tents have always been a part of Rajput lifestyle and culture. This camp was built by the grand children of Thakur Chhatra Singh of Nimaj. This camp offers totally unique and royal experience; it is considered one of the best camps in India to experience Rajasthani hospitality.

Lion Safari Camp in Gujarat









This camp is positioned in the Gir National Park in Gujarat. This luxury camp is built on a private mango orchard and the setting is done in a manner that it overlooks the nearby Hiran River and is surrounded by a lush green aura. It is an eco-friendly camp and has 21 luxury tents that too with air conditioning and attached bathrooms. These camps at Gir National Park in Gujarat are completely furnished and have a proper arrangement of furniture to make your stay memorable. As it is situated so close to the national park, here you can also enjoy the safari and can spot various wild creatures like Asiatic Lions, Chital, Nilgai, Wild Board, Jackal, Hyenas and Leopards.

Chamba Camp in Ladakh









If you want to stay in Ladakh along with a touch of luxury then visit Chamba Camp. This camp is located near to the Thiksey monastery. Chamba camp is a luxury camp and has 14 colonial-chic tents. Tents of Chamba Camp have been imported from Africa and have various facilities like four-poster bed, en-suite bathroom, air conditioning and writing desks. Apart from all this there is also a bakery, handicraft shop, library and an organic garden. Moreover, you can here have fun and enjoy sports like archery.

Taj Banjar Tola in Madhya Pradesh









This camp in Madhya Pradesh has taken luxury to an altogether different level. It is basically a safari lodge just outside the Kanha National Park. It is beautifully located on the banks of the Banjaar River. This camp has nine suites with all the facilities to make your stay comforting along with the touch of luxury including showers and a floating verandah as well. Here you can also enjoy spa and rejuvenate yourself. The camp also has a swimming pool where you can have fun-filled time.