Holiday jobs to consider

If you love to travel and are truly interested in learning more on certain places and monuments, there are a few working holiday jobs that you can consider. They will give you the option to work and save money and at the same time to learn and do something that you really like. A dream job of many students and young people is to lead tour groups. This is so, as the person who will lead the group will actually be paid to see the sites and attractions in various destinations.  In addition, that person will also be in close touch with the locals and thus will be able to get to know the culture and the country through the eyes of the people who know it best. The tour leader is in charge of the group and should make the trip go smooth. Usually, the tour leader should know one or several foreign languages and to be available to work for at least two or more tourist seasons. The salary is not big, but there are things which compensate that like the free accommodation and meals, as well as the free flights and the sightseeing. One of the best placed  to find a job like that is Warsaw, but if you do find something you like you would need a place to stay – we recommend cheap accommodation Warsaw.

Another great holiday job is the work in the ski and summer resorts. This is a great opportunity for students and young people that want to get into a certain profession. People come to the beach and mountain resorts to relax and have fun, so they are usually in good mood and expect you to be in such too. So, the atmosphere is great and you will have plenty of options to go swimming or skiing, besides doing your job. Many people dream to work in the resorts, so the competition is serious, but after all there are plenty of resorts to choose from and staff people often move from one to another.

A great holiday job would also be to work in a bar or to cook in the kitchen of a hotel or in a resort restaurant. Both professions are very good and one can learn a lot from practice. This is work focused on people and the more people you know, the better you will be in the future if you are looking for a new job or other business options. The salaries are not high, but the tips can make up to it.

Another good way to work and travel at the same time would be to do volunteer work or farm work. You can stay in a farm picking crops, meeting with other people or you can help in a bed & breakfast place or sign in any of the non-government organizations. In this way you will stay in a foreign country, earn wages and travel in your free time to the places nearby. Great destinations for such kind of holiday job include UK and USA, but not only.

Among the most popular holiday jobs however are teaching of English and Au pairing. If you have some teaching qualifications, these can help you a lot in finding a job. Au pairing is another great way to get into a foreign culture, as you will actually live in a local family. You will be able to improve your language skills, but you have to be good and careful with attending the kids.