How to travel to Malaga

Malaga happens to be one of the 6th biggest and the oldest city in Spain. The total number of inhabitants living there is almost up to 700,000.  Due to its historical and cultural appeal along with a semi-tropical warm environment, Malaga is a popularly known tourist destination . The pure beaches and the warm and pleasant winters there makes it a most sought after destination in Europe. Since it is very well acclaimed and talked about, hence going to Malaga is not a huge task. There are plenty of cheap flights to Malaga from London available.

To reach Malaga you will have to book flights to any major European country  like London to Heathrow or Paris. All of the well known and big cities in Europe have flights going to Malaga available. As for direct flights to Malaga the only cities from where the direct flights are available include New York and Toronto. Ensure that you travel to Malanga in respected airlines like Lufthansa or the British airways. These flights take lesser time and are not delayed unlike many other common flights. An approximate time period of three and a half hours is usually taken to fly from London Heathrow to Malaga from these airlines. If you are taking the cheap flights to Malaga from London then leave with some extra time in hand as there might be delays especially during winters where due to fog most flights gets cancelled.

Once you reach the Malaga airport hire a cab or a taxi to the main Malaga city. Other than taxis and cabs there are other public transportation services available in Malaga like the bus and the train service. The public transportation there is very convenient and cost effective at the same time. They are also open from morning 7.a.m till midnight. You can also try going to Malaga by train as the train connectivity is very good. Almost every major and popular city in Europe has trains that can take you to Malaga. If you are travelling to Malaga  by land then the distance it takes would definitely be double of what it takes from flight or train. The standard distance between Malaga and Lisbon is approximately six and a half hours. When you are travelling from the North then taking the road from Madrid is the ideal option because it takes only five and a half hours due to the highway connectivity.