Popular Places to Visit in Ireland

Ireland is an amazing tourist destination that has a rich Celtic culture with the incredible beauty of its varied landscapes. This Emerald Isle really is green and the sights are simply impressive and the people are warm hearted as well as friendly. Beside of its small size, sprawling suburbs and bustling cities, Ireland boasts stretches of trails and roads where visitors can feel as if they have the island all to themselves. Those seeking a more friendly travel experience have only to walk into a neighborhood pub to experience the feeling of being at home. Whether you wish to spend the night in an ancient castle, view Celtic artifacts at a world-class museum or just cycling along a coastal headland, Ireland casts a spell of attraction on every traveler. Politically, this land is divided between ‘the Republic of Ireland’ and ‘Northern Ireland’, a part of the United Kingdom. In this article, we have mentioned some of the most popular places to visit when in Ireland.places to visit in ireland

Cliffs of Moher

Overlooking the Atlantic, the high Cliffs of Moher offer experience of spectacular new heights. The cliffs soar up to the height of about 210 meters from the shoreline and allure over a million visitors every year, making it one of the topmost places to visit in Ireland. Justifiably, the access to the cliffs is constrained during windy weather. Otherwise, you can also enjoy the boat tours offered at the pier in Doolin offer visitors the opportunity to look at the cliffs from a different angle.cliffs of mohar

Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is the most famous scenic drive in Ireland, which is over 160 KM long highways. This highway runs along the coastline of the isle’s pleasing Iveragh Peninsula. Most of the visitors begin and end their tour in the busy town of Killarney; experienced travelers choose the less-crowded pretty village of Kenmare as a base of tour. The tallest mountain in Ireland- Carrantuohill, a medieval monastery, various pristine lakes and the prehistoric Staigue Fort features thick stone walls built without mortar are some of the sights you can enjoy while traveling.Ring of Kerry

Killarney National Park

Situated in the southwest Ireland in County Kerry, the Killarney National Park was founded in the year 1932 when the Muckross Estate was donated to this country. Presently, the Victorian Muckross House serves as the park’s visitor center and estate’s landscaped gardens are famous attractions in the park. For many travelers, the three lakes of this park are the biggest attractions. This national park has a large number of swans and otters, surrounded by forests inhabited by the only native herd of red deer of Ireland. Also, enjoy boat trips on the lake that offer scenic view of wildlife as well as scenic views. There is a broad network of surface paths that invites exploration by foot, bicycle and horse-drawn carriage.killarney National park


Last but not the least, Dublin- the capital of Ireland is home for over a third of the nation’s population. Dissimilar to other major European cities, it is a small town with a laid-back atmosphere. There are plenty of cultural attractions for the enjoyment of an avid sightseer; moreover, the unplanned visits through the city can be just a retreat. With so many of the tourist attractions, Dublin is a city that allures exploration.

Apart from these, Bru na Boinne, Giant’s Causeway, Glendalough, Dingle Peninsula, the Aran Islands and Galway are some of the other famous places to visit in Ireland.irland tour and travel

West Ireland’s largest city, Galway is best known for its art galleries and shops, most of which are located along the winding lanes and cobblestone streets of the city’s charming medieval quarter. With several live music venues and a thriving pub scene, Galway is considered a major center for traditional Irish music as well. The harbor city is also known as one of the few places left in Ireland, where the Irish language is still spoken on the streets. Full of fun, history and culture, Galway is an ideal destination for any visitor seeking a true Irish travel experience.

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