Popular Tourist Attractions in Prague

Prague was once a mystery to travelers in Europe, but now it is one of the most famous destinations on the continent attracting around 4 million visitors every year. Prague offers a packed in the city center, impressive examples of Romanesque, an incredible centuries-long history, Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau architecture, churches, variety of palaces, parks and squares, delicious local Czech beer and food at the lowest prices. If you are planning to visit this beautiful city of the Czech Republic, then read on to this write-up and know the popular tourist attractions.charles bridge prague

Charles Bridge

The most iconic landmark of Prague, Charles Bridge connects Old Town and Lesser Town across the River Vltava. It is a 600 year-old bridge. The bridge was commissioned by King Charles IV in 1357. One can find thirty Baroque statues line the sides of the pedestrian bridge along with numerous vendor’s stalls, performance artists, musicians and beggars. This bustling area has almost never gotten less of people. Prague Castle is lit at night and offers a spectacular vista that enchants all visitors. On each end of the bridge you will find a tower that offers a great view of the bridge to those who climb on it.Old Town Square prague

Old Town Square

Situated between the Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square, the Old Town Square of Prague is most often bursting with tourists and locals during the summer. The long history of Czech is exemplified in the combination of architectural styles: Romanesque, Rococo, Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance are all displayed in the iconic buildings around the square. The high Gothic towers which rise high from Tyn Cathedral contrasts with the Baroque style of St. Nicholas, on the other hand, Old Town Hall has a collection of Gothic and Renaissance buildings. Visit EaseMyTrip.com and get exclusive holiday packages at best available prices.prague castle

Prague Castle

Built above the city is Prague Castle is more of an extensive complex than a single protective building. The buildings of castle span over centuries and consists of a cathedral, a royal palace and three churches, a monastery, a basilica, royal stables, defensive towers, a tiny lane where craftsmen worked and magnificent gardens. This Castle began as a wooden fortress with earthen bulwarks in the 9th century. Till 11th century, it included a royal palace and during the 14th century establishment of St. Vitus Cathedral was started. While visiting the castle, you must not forget to visit the cathedral in the castle complex, which is often called as the jewel in Prague’s crown, an exotic example of Gothic architecture. The Emperors and kings are buried here.Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague Astronomical Clock

A major highlight of the Old Town Square is the “Prague’s astronomical clock”, which is a complex and ancient “orloj” that shows Babylonian time, German time, Old Bohemian time and sidereal time, as well as sunrise and sunset, the sun’s position in the zodiac and phases of the moon. This clock was crafted in the year 1410 by a clockmaker and a professor of mathematics. It has been repaired and maintained for over 600 years, which makes it the third oldest clock in the world. The figures of the Apostles, which are seen in the two upper windows every hour, were added to the clock in the year 1865. The most amazing time to look at this giant clock is at midnight or at noon.

Some of the other popular tourist attractions in Prague include Wenceslas Square, Mala Strana, Tyn Church, Old New Synagogue, Dancing House and Powder Tower etc.