Scariest Roller Coasters in US – Heart Patients Stay Away

There can be nothing scary and adventures as the adventurous roller coaster ride which will raise your hair and will give you goosebumps. These roller coaster rides will definitely give you bone chilling experience and will definitely make you feel cardiac arrest. Explore these spine-chilling roller coasters in USA and feel the thrill by experiencing that perfect ride which you might want to have from so long. Even the appearance of these below mentioned roller coasters will make your knees and heart go weak.


Skyrush is Hersheypark

It is one of the scariest roller coasters you will ever witness. This roller coaster completely focuses on sweeping arcs and it makes you feel as if it is actually throw you off with high speed. It is highly advisable that heart patients should not try this.

Scary feature of this roller coaster: It reaches five Gs at the base of very first drop.

Located at: Hersheypark, Hershey, PA, United States


Leap The Dips

Unlike others Leap-the-Dips only have 9ft of maximum drop height and the most interesting fact about this roller coaster is that it is the only side-friction wooden roller coaster which is left in America.

Scary feature of this roller coaster: It is the oldest roller coaster and it was built in 1902

Located at: Lakemont Park, Altoona, PA, United States


Intimidator 305

Intimidator 305

The name of this roller coaster completely justifies its physical appearance. This roller coaster has the longest drop of 300ft that too at an angle of 85 degree. The ride of this roller coaster can give anyone spine chilling experience

Scary feature of this roller coaster: Multiple hairpin turns that too low to the ground

Located at: Kings Dominion Doswell, VA, United States




This enthralling roller coaster is reputed as one of the finest and scary roller coasters in America. GateKeeper basically flares out of either side of the vehicle and while enjoying the ride the adventurers are also passed through two extremely narrow keyholes. Myraid twists and turns give it added specialty and thrill.

Scary feature of this roller coaster: It has six inversions and it is the tallest and the fastest wing coaster.

Located at: Cedar Point, Sandusky, United States


El Toro

el toro

El Toro runs on the track with an impressive speed of 70mph. This roller coaster makes the riders feel completely weightless.

Scary feature of this roller coaster: Multiple instances of head chopper effect

Located at: Six Flags Adventure, Jackson, NJ, United States


Fury 325

Carowinds Fury 325

It is one of the amazing and fun filled roller coasters and even you will agree to this thing when you will be barreling down the 81 degree drop with a speed of 95mph.

Scary feature of this roller coaster: It is the tallest traditional chain lift roller coaster in the world at 325 ft.

Located at: Carowinds, Charlotte, United States


The Voyage

the voyage

The Voyage offers really a fun time to the ones who are actually looking for some amazing time in the air. It is over a mile if we talk about its length and it can give anyone a mini heart attack with its speed and sharp curves.

Scary feature of this roller coaster: Its 90 degree horizontal lean

Located at: Holiday World & Splashin’Safari, Santa Claus, United States


Millennium Force

Millennium Force

Millennium Force is really a scary roller coaster with 300ft drop and a speed of around 90mph. This roller coaster is a true adrenaline junkie which excites with its rapid directional reversals.

Scary feature of this roller coaster: Its multiple rapid hills allow it to give the sensation of 0 (zero) gravity.

Located at: Cedar Point, Sandusky, United States

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