Sip Your Favorite Drink at the Astonishing Bars of the World

Sipping your favorite drink at a perfect place with amazing interior and happening crowd itself increases the fun and enjoyment. No matter which drink you are craving for whether cocktail or soft drinks these alluring bars will definitely light up your mood and will surely magnetize you again and again. Explore these enticing bars and have an altogether different experience.

Northern Lights Bar in Iceland

Hotel ION Nesjavellir Nordurljos-77.jpg

This bar is one of the most gorgeous places to have your favorite drink and is located in the Ion Hotel. Ion hotel is situated beautifully just an hour drive outside of Reykjavik that too in the middle of nowhere. This place guarantees an amazing experience which will definitely make you feel good. It is a perfect place to spot the awesome view of the Northern Lights.

Red Sea Bar in Israel









This is an amazing place because the restaurant and the bar are positioned 16 feet below the surface of the Red Sea. This bar attracts a lot of people because of its unusual setting. The beautiful interior and the plexiglass windows offer an outstanding panorama of the surroundings, including colorful fishes, coral and other gorgeous sea creatures.

Monkey Bar in Berlin









This bar is built in a manner that it overlooks the famous Berline Zoological Gardens. It is one of the unique bars and will here while enjoying the drink you can also watch monkeys.

The Clinic Bar in Singapore









The Clinic Bar in Singapore will give you a pure feel of having a drink in the clinic. Here the customers sit on the wheelchairs and the waitresses here will ask you if you want your drink in an IV bag or straight up. Explore this bar and have a unique experience.

The Laundromat Café, Reykjavik in Iceland









The Laundromat is truly a strange place and if you happen to visit here for the first time you will definitely get shocked with the idea. This bar is not actually just a bar…if you didn’t get it let me tell you that The Laundromat Café is a mixture of a bar, café, library and laundromat under a single roof.

Joben Bistro, Cluj-Napoca in Romania









It is an unusual pub which will definitely takes the visitors back in time and the décor of this place is inspired by the fictional stories of Jules Verne.

White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar, Moscow in Russia









It is another most amazing bar where you can sip your favorite cocktail while enjoying the beautiful panorama. Enjoy drinks with your near and dear once and appreciate the aura of the surrounding.

Club 33, Disneyland in California









It is a gorgeous place and is also the only location which offers alcohol in the park. Moreover, it is a private club which is hidden in the New Orleans Square area of the famous Disneyland. Explore this place while on California tour and have fun.

Blue Frog Lounge, Mumbai in India









The interior setting of this place is done uniquely and this place is quite famous for its interior appearance which is quite amazing. It is basically a 1000 square-meter complex which have club, sound stage, recording studio, restaurant, lounge and a sound lab as well.

The Sky Bar Bangkok


This bar in Bangkok is situated on an amazing height. It is positioned 63 stories above the streets of Bangkok and offers awe-inspiring view of the surrounding. It is perched on the roof of Lebua State Tower.

The Ice Bar, Quebec City in Canada









The most amazing and beautiful place in whole Canada as it is ice sculpted bar.  This bar melts every summer and rebuilt every year. If you are willing to visit this fantastic bar then you should plan Canada tour from the month of January till March and enjoy chilled cocktails with your friends and family members. Do not miss to wear warm clothes.

Hotel Edelweiss, Murren in Switzerland









If you have ever dreamt of having beer at 6300 feet above and that too surrounded by grand mountain aura then visit this place which is formed by 21 peaks at the heart of the Alps. It is one of the awe-inspiring places where you can enjoy your favorite drink.

Safe House, Milwaukee in Wisconsin









This bar is built with an altogether new idea and is created in a spy theme. The red door of this bar might not make you feel that good but the interior décor and sitting arrangement will definitely make you feel as if you are a perfect spy bar. Moreover, there are lots of secret passageways to explore.

H.R. Giger Bar, Gruyere in Switzerland









H.R Giger Bar is one of the most scenic and uniquely constructed and designed bar. This bar is decorated with arches of vertebrae which make this bar really unique and amazing.

Alux Caverna Lounge in Mexico









Imagine an 18,000 year old geological formation as a backdrop while you enjoy your drinks and snacks, amazing right? If you really want this imagination come true visit this place. It is the largest cave bar in the world and this place will definitely give you an amazing experience.

Ozone Bar, Hong Kong in China









This bar is quite famous as it is the highest bar in Hong Kong. It is positioned at the top of the Ritz Carlton that too at the 118th floor. Enjoy your drink at the highest bar in Hong Kong.

The Water and Wind Bar, Binh Duong, Vietnam









To reach at this gorgeous bar you have to make your way through the stepping stones because it is actually positioned in the center of a lake in Binh Duong Province. This bar offers amazing backdrop and will surely give you one of the best experience.

Bicycle Bar, Bucharest, Romania









Bicycle bar in Bucharest is designed with a unique theme and it is decorated with all kinds of bicycle parts which makes this bar unique as compared to other bars.

Rock Bar, Bali, Indonesia









This bar is one of the scenic bars in the whole world and what makes this bar unique is the setting of this bar, as this bar is actually built on the cliff which overlooks the Indian Ocean. Enjoying the drink while enjoying the awe-inspiring view of the sunset will definitely make you fall in love with this place.  Explore this bar to have some great time with your near and dear ones.

Bab-al-shams in Dubai









This rooftop lounge offers breathtaking view if the sunset. Here you can enjoy the beautiful surrounding while having the perfect time with your family and friends. It is situated in the center of the desert and is nestled in the scenic dunes of Dubai.

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