Spend Time with Animals on the Best Volunteering Vacations

We are always looking for a friend during a journey that would help in creating the travel memories more worth   why not this time make an exception and be  friends with animals, so much that we actually start experiencing the beauty of life while spending your vacations for the betterment of these animals. Even how different the idea may sound to you, these animals offer so much of love in exchange of care and time, a discovery that can only be experienced by being with them. Below are the destinations where you can enjoy an awesome time volunteering for animals and bringing a better change in their lives.

Giraffe Conservation in South Africa


The place offers various volunteering opportunities for the people willing to work, among which comes Giraffe Conservation where the volunteers are given the chance to interact with the diverse range of wildlife from South Africa. The project makes you to take care of leopards, elephants, lions, crocodiles, snakes, ostriches and Giraffes.

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Sea Turtle Conservation in Mexico

turtle beach

The place offers its volunteers to work along with the local experts to protect crocodiles, birds and turtles with different projects based at the camps located on the stunning Pacific coast in Mexico

Dolphin Conservation in Australia


One can volunteer for the dolphin research, education, conservation and different activities revolving around them like- cleaning, spending time, talking to the visitors, examining dolphin visits etc. The volunteer programmes with dolphins are worth to try for.

Whale Shark Conservation in Maldives

whale shark

Apart from indulging yourself in water activities, the destination is famous for, why not this time try something different by turning up for a volunteer programme with Whale Shark Conservation in Maldives. You get to choose the products where get to be closer and be friend to one of the largest sea animal. The volunteering is a good opportunity offering you the best experience. Explore Maldives with EaseMyTrip.com.

Animals Rescue Projects in Udaipur, India

animal rescue

There is no better feeling than rescuing any animal from the bad condition to a better a condition; it can become the most uplifting experiences where you will be spending time by feeding them, bathing them and enjoying with them. Such programmes in India help you to become more responsible and cat more mature.

Giant Panda Conservation in China

giant panda

We all know that the number of Pandas are decreasing and is facing the threat of extinction; with the same thought in mind the activity could be very helpful in protecting this endangered species of animal. You might get to prepare food for the pandas, carrying bamboo for the pandas and sometimes even cleaning out their enclosures.

Elephant volunteering Projects in Sri Lanka

elephant volunteers

Sri Lanka is a best place to enjoy quality time with the elephants. The place offers various elephant conservation projects where you can play feed and bath with the elephants, discover surroundings of the region, grow food for them or spend time with them. The experience you get serving these cute animals is beyond to explain.

Rainforest Animal Rehabilitation Centers in Ecuador

rain forest

Volunteer at different animal rehabilitation centers in Ecuador to rescue some of the exotic species like parrots, monkeys, spider, woolly mammoth, capuchin, different birds, mammals and reptiles. Spending time with these beautiful animals will help you bringing the happiness in your life and theirs too.

Conservation of Sloths and Monkeys in Costa Rica

monkeys in coasta rica

There are many organizations working for the conservations of the animals that have been found hurt or in need of a help. Work in these organizations where you get the opportunity in helping prosper the needy animals while spending the time with monkeys, sloths and other local animals.