Things to Remember for Women Flying Alone


In today’s world, the modern woman is independent and able enough to travel anywhere alone. However, travelling alone can be an enjoyable experience or a big mess for the same woman if she is not well aware of the important things she must take care of. Whatever the reason, be business or personal, a women needs to be always cautious for her safety when flying alone (be it domestic or abroad). People say that being on the road alone is very challenging especially if one plans to visit countries that have different cultures and traditions from their own place of origin. The same truth applies to a woman travelling abroad by air and thus, most of them prefer to travel with a companion. Over the time, the number of women has grown who like to travel alone for trips for different purposes like leisure and business. But, there should be some safety and security measures for all kinds of women travelers which they must follow to be safe. In the following write-up, we have mentioned some of the most important safety tips.

Travel Essentials: Passport, Visa & Travel Insurance

The basic travel essential for anyone include Passport, Visa (to the country you are travelling to) and travel insurance. So, be a good traveler and check the following things on your travel checklist- (a) Valid and updated passport, (b) Visa and (c) Travel Insurance (from a good company). Most important thing to keep in mind is that you must keep all these necessary documents handy, may be in your hand bag or carry-on bag.
Do Advance Research About the Laws and Culture Of The Country

Our elders always say, “It is always better to be safe than sorry”. So, follow the advice and do advance research about the laws and culture of the country you will be flying in to. Just get familiar with the basic laws, rules and regulations of the country so that you won’t feel awkward and get an easy access to gel in the local people. Moreover, you should also get familiar with the laws of the country (you are travelling to). This advice is especially for travelers traveling to Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE because these countries implement strict rules in the matter of their dress codes for women in their society.

What to Carry & What Not?

Women and jewelry can’t be separated but in the stance of travelling alone, women must get away from this expensive stuff. They should leave costly jewelry, additional credit cards and extra bank notes back home. You should always be aware of that while flying abroad or by air, always carry basic items. Well, now comes the turn of things which you must carry while travelling- it is your medicines (general as well as any particular medicine which is for any of your particular ailments. In addition, don’t forget to leave your detailed travel itinerary with a close friend containing each and every contact detail of journey including photocopy & scanned copies of all your passport & visa and ticket information.

Be Careful With Money

Always, always, always be sure that you have sufficient money to travel in the country you are travelling however; there is no need to flaunt it! Well, keeping the cash is a tricky task. So, we have an advice, never carry all of your cash in one place rather pack it in different pockets of your garments. Also, put some cash in a money belt, which is safely strapped to your middle body and tough to be theft.

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