Top Free London Art Galleries

There is no shortage of art galleries and displays in London. If you’re an art aficionado, you simple have to visit London. There is a spectacular range meaning there’s something to interest everyone. Art galleries are also a great way to get out of the rain should the weather take a turn for the worst! Here are the best London art galleries that are not only packed with stunning exhibitions, but are also free of charge too.Displaying Naitonal Gallery.jpg

The National Gallery

Chances are you will visit Trafalgar Square which always seems to have an event taking place of some sort. So after taking a picture of the fountains, step inside the grand National Gallery building – the art inside mirrors the building itself. Here you’ll find over 2,000 pieces of art work dating as far back as the Middle Ages. Works by world renown artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and Van Gogh are on display.

The National Portrait Gallery

Just around the corner from the National Gallery is the National Portrait Gallery. Housing the world’s largest collection of personalities and faces, you’ll be astounded by this unique collection of paintings. Focused on those who have helped shaped British history, you’ll meet kings and queens to musicians and film stars. But it’s not just paintings of people’s faces; the collection also consists of sculptures, photographs and video.

The Saatchi Gallery

Those looking for the latest and very best contemporary art should visit the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. In 2010, the gallery was given to the British public and became the Museum of Contemporary Art for London. The gallery is renowned for showcasing fresh new talent that even the commercial art world has yet to come across. The gallery also gives debuts to international artists whose work has yet to be displayed in the UK.Displaying Turbine Hall, Tate Modern.jpg

Tate Modern

Another must visit contemporary art museum is the Tate Modern. Housed in a former power station by the Thames, the list of artists reads like a who’s who of art including Picasso, Rothko, Dali, Warhol and Pollock which is why it remains the most visited modern art gallery in the world. The fantastic Turbine Hall, which once housed the electricity generators of the power station, showcases larger works of art allowing you to not only see the art but experience it too.

The Barbican Gallery

If you’re interested in seeing a variety of styles of art, The Barbican Gallery is perfect. As Europe’s largest multi-arts venue, you’ll find everything from architecture, design, fashion and photography. There are also a number of events taking place such as music, theatre, dance and film.

The Royal Academy of Arts

Those who study art or have more than just a keen interest in the subject will be in heaven at the Royal Academy of Arts. Founded in 1768, The Academy has kept true to its mission till the present day – promote a broad range of arts to stimulate debate, understanding and creation through education. Or quench your thirst for knowledge at one of Britain’s most extensive art libraries. There are also a number of seminars and lectures taking place by leading figures of the art world while the Summer exhibition gives you the chance to buy artwork.

Dan Perdomo writes for Elite Travel Blog. When he’s not travelling around the world, he enjoys visiting the London art scene.