Top Reasons to Visit Bhutan for Cycling Tours

Bhutan is a beautiful Buddhist kingdom located on the eastern edge of Himalayas. It is a wonderful land of monasteries, fortresses and enjoys spectacular landscapes ranging from subtropical plains to vertical mountains and scenic valleys. With tourism policy of the local government, Bhutan has turned into a secluded and ideal place for holidaying. It is one among the most untouched locations that has not been affected by the chaos of urbanization. Nothing disturbing has yet entered into this calm land. The harmony of nature and the rich cultural heritage of this place make it an ideal location to enjoy the exciting bicycle tour. If you want to explore the rich fauna and flora of this beautiful region, enjoy cycling tour Bhutan and have fun.

Absence of Traffic









You might not be aware of the fact that there are many of the awesome locations in Bhutan, where one can only travel by the foot. The only option that you might get is to ride a mule. Recently several roads of the region have been made free from clutter and the clumsiness of traffic. It is really surprising that even many of the roads in the capital city of Bhutan – Thimpu have lesser traffic than any other parts of the world. This is why, the region turns into completely eco-friendly and perfect for enjoying bicycle tours.

Exciting Bike Tour Packages

Scene from a group of motorcycle riders riding Royal Enfield bikes on a tour from Manali to Spiti in HImachal Pradesh

If you are an adventure freak and love to ride on bicycles at hilly terrains, Bhutan is a place for you. You can get here brilliant opportunity of enjoying cycling tours on hilly terrains. At this place, there are agents that offer packaged cycling tours that short and long. These trips spans across the different regions of the country. Taking a bicycle tour package can be exciting for you.

Experience the Beauty of Nature









Bhutan is enriched with natural wealth and enjoys unparalleled beauty. This makes it a place for enjoying bicycle riding. Taking a bicycle tour allows you to travel around the rich fauna and flora of this country and experience complete rejuvenation in a pollution free environment. There are very less number of cars on the roads. This is one of the reasons that make people prefer to travel on bicycles. To discover the essence of the country, take bicycle tours in Bhutan.

Cultural Heritage









Bhutan is very rich in terms of culture and history. Government takes care of the Gross National Happiness of this country in an appropriate manner. When you explore the roads of the country, most of its parts represent tranquility and solitude. By taking bicycle tours, you can meet the people in small villages and know about their traditions and costumes. This tour will be attractive and energize your mind.

Feel Revived and Thrilled 

1 young monks hy the wheel








A bicycle tour in Bhutan is enough to energize your mind and make you feel rejuvenated. The breathtaking experience of going to high altitude mountains through cycles seems to be an amazing experience. These bicycle trips start from the city of Paro and take you through the different parts of the eastern Bhutan.

Come across the Warm & Affectionate People









Bhutan is a country of people who are very nice and warm. The issue of security is an inescapable conclusion in Bhutan. This reverential approach of people is conducive for enjoying bicycle tours in Bhutan. In fact, there is no chance of theft or threats here.

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