Visit Blissful Beaches in Gujarat for Amazing Experiences

The beautiful state of Gujarat is famous for its architecture, beaches, cuisine and culture. Among all the states of India, Gujarat enjoys the longest coastline. This is the reason; this state and its adjoining Union Territories present a plethora of beaches. These are the most amazing beaches of the country that attract a good number of tourists every year. With its immaculate waters, soft sands and pleasant surroundings, beaches in Gujarat make you feel relaxed amidst the serene atmosphere. Your trip to these exotic beaches of Gujarat will offer an unforgettable experience. Know about the most popular and not so famous beaches in Gujarat through this article.

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach









Located on the coastline of the state of Gujarat, Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is one of the best beaches in India. It is located in Ahemdpur Mandvi, which is a historic port town of Maharao in Kutch. The key features of the beach are soft sands, pristine waters, tweeting sound of birds and mesmerizing fishing hamlets. The place can be visited anytime during the year. The beach can be reached easily.

Chorwad Beach









Placed on the west coast of India, Chorwad Beach is another impressive beach of Gujarat. It is located 66 km away from Junagadh. The beach has great potential of luring both domestic and international tourists. You can spend here some awesome moments that make your trip to Gujarat amazing. The beach is surrounded with stony hills and offers the opportunity of enjoying exhilarating boat rides. For a spellbinding vacation, visit a number of places situated close to this beach.

Gopnath Beach

Gopnath Beach








Gopnath Beach is simply incredible in appearance and just breathtakingly beautiful. It is full of spectacular views and is recognized for its limestone cliffs and birdlife. The beach is situated in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat on the coast of the Gulf of Kambhat. It adds beauty to its location and gives the chance to have fun. The pristine beach is known for its natural exquisiteness, limestone cliffs, calm surroundings and mesmerizing flora and fauna.

Diu Beach









Situated off the Saurashtra coast, Diu Beach is another popular beach of Gujarat. It is connected to the state through a causeway. This secluded island does not have much crowd, which makes it an ideal place for a calm holiday. If you want to get rid from the worries of daily life, Diu Beach is a perfect for you. There is great chance that this beach washes off all your stress. Enjoy here a blend of sun, sand and sea along with captivating scenic beauty. Sea of this beach is not so deep and one can swim in the crystal clear water of it.

Kutch Mandvi Beach









Kutch Mandvi is an important beach in Gujarat, situated at Mandvi. Mandvi is a historic port town of Maharao of Kutch, which is located 75 km away from Bhuj. This private beach of Maharao is an ideal place for people looking for peace and solitude. One can see here beautiful white sand, serene locations and charming sunset. All these can be enjoyed here without being worried about the crowd.

Dwarka Beach









Located in the Bet Island at 30 km away from Dwarka, Dwarka Beach is home to a variety of water birds moving from the shores of the Arabian Sea. The ambiance of the beach imparts a charismatic feel in the surroundings. During the dusk, the view of the beach becomes awesome. During the low tides, one becomes amazed to see the dolphins leaping out from the distant sea.

Somnath Beach









Somnath Beach is located 6 KM away from the port town of Veraval, which serves as the gateway to the beach. One can enjoy various activities near this beach. It is very popular due to the religious significance associated with this beach and closeness of the eminent Somnath Temple. The beach is an ideal place for those who love to be around nature and enjoy watching birds.

Gujarat is not only about culture and heritage rather it is endowed with wide diversity. So, it turns into a popular tourist destination for all. If you are planning a trip to Gujarat, also visit these beaches of the state that ensure memorable experiences to the visitors.

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