Visit These Places to Learn the Story of Struggle behind Freedom of India

India got freedom from the East India Company (British) rule on 15th August, 1947. So, Independence Day in India is celebrated on 15th August every year. The grand eve is around the corner and one can see that vivid three colors from our National flag have already started beautifying the different streets of India. Shopping malls are decorated with balloons of three colors and many shopkeepers have kept little flags on their counters.

Each state of India celebrates this event with much enthusiasm and almost all schools and communities from all over India organizes some extracurricular activities. However, Delhi stands apart in terms of organizing this national festival due to historical and cultural reasons. The Independence Day of year 2016 is going to fall on Monday, which grants people an extended weekend. They can plan to go somewhere on vacation on this occasion. If you haven’t already made any plans, visit some of those places in India that tell you about the stories of the struggles of our freedom-fighters.

Red Fort, Delhi









Red Fort is the most important in the list of the monuments telling the story of India’s struggle. This Mughal Citadel has played a vital role in freedom of India from the British and still continues to be a great symbol of Indian history. As per historical stories, Red Fort has served as one of the hubs of mutineers during the Revolt of 1857. The fort is the place from where Prime Minister hoists national flag on Independence Day and addresses the nation on 15th August every year.

Cellular Jail, Andaman and Nicobar Islands









Earlier known as Kala Pani, Cellular Jail is located in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It used to be a majestic prison, which gravely reminds us about the price that our freedom fighters have paid. Famous struggles of Indian freedom movement like Veer Savarkar and Batukeshwar Dutt were imprisoned here. This colossal prison used to be a torture chamber for those who were locked up here. At present, this jail complex serves as a national memorial monument. It is one of the most visited attractions of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. There are several mannequins kept on display in place that showcase how prisoners used to be tortured here and what they were given as punishment. A visit to this jail is surely going to give you Goosebumps and you shouldn’t miss to watch the wonderful light and sound show.

Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar









At present, Jallianwala Bagh is a famous public garden in Amritsar. The garden also houses a memorial of national importance, which was founded in 1951 by the Government of India to memorialize the massacre caused by British forces. This massacre took place on 13th April, 1919 when a peaceful crowd of protesters that included defenseless women and children were fired upon by the hordes of the British Indian Army. This massacre happened on the occasion of the Baisakhi and as per the records of British official, 379 people were killed and around 1,100 were injured. However, the actual figures are much higher than the given one. Several marks of the bullets can be still seen here. Visit this place to recreate those memories and those struggles.

Swaraj Bhawan, Allahabad









Earlier called as Anand Bhawan, this huge mansion is located in Allahabad city of Uttar Pradesh. It earlier used to be residence of Nehru family and later on converted into the head office of Indian National Congress during 1920s. At this place, many important decisions were taken to end the rule of the East India Company in India. It is the place where planning for getting freedom of India was done. It is one of the major attractions of Allahabad and one of the places that remind you about freedom struggle of India.

August Kranti Maidan, Maharashtra









Previously called as the Gowalia Tank Maidan, August Kranti Maidan is another key place of Indian freedom fight. From this ground of Mumbai, Mahatma Gandhi started ‘Quit India Movement’ against British rule in India. In fact, the famous catchphrase of Mahatma Gandhi ‘Do or Die’ instigated many from here and more than 60,000 people were put behind the bars from here only. This is a wonderful place that you can visit on your Intendance Day trip.

Sabarmati Ashram, Gujarat









This place is known by various names like Gandhi Ashram, Harijan Ashram and Satyagraha Ashram. Situated in the Sabarmati suburb of Ahmadabad in the state of Gujarat, Sabarmati Ashram is established on the banks of River Sabarmati. It used to be one of the residential places of Mahatma Gandhi. He lived here for about 12 years with his spouse, Kasturba Gandhi. Sabarmati Ashram was the base for the famous Dandi March, which he started on 12th March, 1930. This event holds a strong position in the Indian freedom movement. Now this ashram serves as one of the greatest historical places of India.

There are many other such places in India that tell you the story about great struggles and sacrifices behind our precious freedom. Some of such places are Chandra Shekhar Azad Park, Jhansi Fort and Barrackpore. All of us should respect our freedom and give our contribution in making India more beautiful place to live.

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